PosterEntry TitleDirectorCategoryGenreSynopsis
Can't Wait to See You: Episode 1PennyMLaneSims 4 Series (New)Supernatural, RomanceAt the age of 8 Melanie lost her vision but has still been able to see the world with her open heart and kindness. By the miracle of science a surgery has been able to grant her, her eyes back. But things seem to be a bit for her. She keeps on seeing images that she can't explain and a gentleman that she doesn't know. She now is set on finding who this guy is and can't wait to see him.


PosterEntry TitleDirectorCategoryGenreSynopsis
Revival - S2 Episode 1TheOnlyExceptionSims 2 Series (Established)Drama, ComedyAfter the murder of her mother, Violet flees her hometown for Florida and vows to find the killer. A mysterious boy named Braiden takes her under his wing and teaches her how to live off the streets. However, Braiden is hiding something deep in his heart. This secret begins to weigh on him as his relationship with Violet develops.
The Rock Star
(Note: 6-part sub-series of Sims in Style)
Simlish TelevisionSims 4 Series (Established)Romantic ComedyMaia came to the reality TV show "Sim in Style" to meet her rock idol. What secrets are hidden behind the scenes? The awkward and insecure girl wants to become a real rock star. Will her dream come true?
The Other Half Episode 2SimtationProductionsSims 3 Series (Established)Science FictionIn a world where procreation has ceased to exist, and bacteria have evolved to become smarter than modern medicine, Drew must adjust to her new life at Panacea's Training Facility.
Snow: Tale of the Ancient Ones | Lost EpisodeSiMs StoriesSims 4 Series (Established)Mystery, Drama, RomanceA famous book writer named Camille Snow journeys back to her childhood village known as Forgotten Hollow after battling with a writer's block for the past three months for the last submission for her hit series: "The Black rose".

After visiting and staying with her parents inside Forgotten Hollow and reuniting with a childhood friend, Things take a dark turn for Camille as she hears about the dark history that this Village have: Ancient ones, creatures of the night or better known as: Vampires.

These Ancient ones also have an interest in Camille and wish to use her and other woman who has end up going missing in Forgotten Hollow as well as other towns for a dark ceremony.
Fly Away Season 2 Episode 26 "Tainted"Star DeLaVegaSims 2 Series (Established)Drama, Romantic ComedyWhen Reyna's friend Savannah abandons her at a party Reyna sets off to find her friend when she walks in on something totally unexpected. Things take a south turn when the host of the party finds Reyna outside crying and he drugs her drink so he can sleep with her.


PosterEntry TitleDirectorCategoryGenreSynopsis
Laundry Day (The Sims 4)Chelsea The CatSims 4 FilmComedyEveryone is having a Laundry Day. Even Vlad and Grim.
Vampire! (Sims 2 Machinima & Voice Over)NelfeahSims 2 FilmMystery, Dark Fantasy, SurrealAfter Boone's unpleasant meeting with Mephisto, the night approached. Alune decided to take Boone down-town as they noticed that Boone started his transformation. According to Alune, this city would the best place to be if the cravings start to kick in. They lost track of Mephisto, who decided to mysteriously disappear after the encounter with Boone on the rooftop. Though, they were certain that they didn't get rid of him just yet.



PosterEntry TitleDirectorCategoryGenreSynopsis
Mad Rodent PartyChelsea The CatSims 4 Music VideoComedyAre you bored? Then our rodents will come to entertain you!
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