2023 Playlist


Expeditious | Season 1, "Pilot"RagingkitttyxSeries - New
Comedy, DramaExpeditious is about a very dysfunctional family. The Myrnaas' always seem to get themselves into trouble. Crime, lust, and love continue to surround them. At the end of it all, they still stick together.
HOUSE OF GOTH | EPISODE 1 | THE RUNWAY |MaeSims ProductionsSeries - New
Drama, Mystery, RomanceHouse of Goth follows lives of designers where murder is the only way to survive. After Bella Goth and Thorne Bailey murdered Bella's husband Mortimer. Mortimer's secret children Vanessa and Audrey plan a mission to avenge their father's death and make Bella pay. Will they get their revenge?
Age of Darkness Chapter 13: AftershockBeniXProductionsSeries - Established
Drama, Fantasy/SupernaturalZack and Rebekah deal with the aftermath of recent events. The Witch Council debate what measures to take against the Darkwitch. Celeste reveals her motives, while Lauren receives an offer. Hermione comes face to face with her past.
Molyntheí | Chapter I: "Brothers in Arms"TheWhiteDeerSeries - New
Action, Adventure, Romance, Science FictionFifteen years after an almost civil war, the country of Kynigós is in a state of uneasy peace, the weak are still hunted and the strong prosper from the new society. Within its walls resides a former rebel leader's children, now soldiers Wulfric and Sethos. They wasted away as soldiers looking for any clues to their missing family until they collided with Amara, this clash of fate makes them question their very existence within a world of kill or be killed.
FACADE Season 1 Episode 6 - SEASON FINALESilvermoon ProductionsSeries - Established
DramaAs Sienna and Ryker are held hostage, Honor seeks to right her wrongs.
Dirty Little Secrets: Episode 2 "Forgive Me Father For You Have Sinned"Veselin RadanovSeries - Established
Drama, MysteryJo makes a new friend, which leads to trouble. Francis struggles with his 'secret identity' and must find a way to move on from his heartbreak. Florentine is given no choice but to prove her father's innocence. But will the clues she discovers along the way help her or harm her?
The Trickster - Episode 1 "The Crime"MG MiloshSeries - New
Crime, MysteryAllison Smith investigates a new case about a woman found undressed at the pond. The trail leads her to an architect Conrad Bradbury who seems to be framed in the crime.
Great Heights Chapter 4 [Great Why Am I Like This?]PenyLnSeries - Established
Slice of LifeIt's a slice of life series that follows six friends in their journey in their mid 20s.
Immoral Covert Episode 3DilklitaSeries - Established
Comedy, Drama, RomanceNathalie arrives to a new school in a new city and the first day she meets another girl Camilla. Camilla has a girlfriend Margo who she finds out hooking up with another guy one friday night when they are at a house partying. Nathalie hears their fight and decided to be with Camilla and comfort her and that's where their friendship starts but it ends up become more than just a friendship between them.
Attachment Theory | Episode 1: "Deadbeat"WinterSimsSeries - New
(Subtitle with Sound FX)
Drama, Mystery, Romance Attachment Theory follows Charley Dade, a recent grad school dropout, returning home to Seattle in search of a new beginning alongside his best friends Rosslyn and Samir. However, a newcomer soon finds their way into the mix, forcing everyone to question their own predispositions. It turns out Charley isn't the only one looking for a fresh start, but for some... this is the start of a much darker story.
Recollection | Episode 1: "Reign."MistaSeries - New
Fantasy/SupernaturalAfter suffering from an injury that caused her to lose her memory, Dawn Hathaway loses all recollection of her ties to the royal family, her kingdom, and all of her close friends in it. When her mother dies, Dawn is told that she’s heir to the throne, and is forced to take over a place she doesn’t remember with little warning.
This is NOT an Anime! Episode 4RabbitFilmsSeries - Established
Comedy, Romance, Slice of LifeAfter a sleepless night, Arbor struggles to get through the school day. After an unexpected run in with Kyo, she ends up in the nurses office. Robin, on the other hand, looks every where for Arbor to give her an offer she most definitely can refuse. But will she?
Lost Things | Episode 1 - Wandering SpiritScrim RaveSeries - New
(Subtitle with Sound FX)
Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy/SupernaturalAfter an unexpected death of a young boy and the appearance of a mysterious girl named Ana, four teens from Macopa High School will unravel the secrets of the realms that used to intertwine with ours.

Join Arjun, Ana, Maya, and Benjo in this story about mythical creatures, the afterlife, and high school.
TEARS - Episode 9RobynASimsSeries - Established
Drama, Fantasy/Supernatural, MysteryRei has a conversation with the girl that only she is able to see. Meanwhile, Vedera opens up to Plara about her group's past.
Queen's Night Life Series - Episode 2QueenSeries - Established
(Subtitle with Sound FX)
DramaThe story about a young girl whose ownership of a nightclub is in danger when new management is hired by the city. The city claims the club is suffering financially and will be closing if intervention doesn't occur. Queen doesn't agree as all of their clients are happy and she hasn't had any complaints. Diamond and Jermaine are hired to take over and Queen does anything and everything in her power to stop them. Love , drama and jealousy are on the rise for the three.
All about McCall S.1 Ep. 3 Goodbye MarshallHaitianCDaSimmerSeries - Established
Action, Drama The purpose of this video is to capture the beauty in life and in death. Everyone thinks bringing life into this world is a beautiful thing, which it is and deserve all credit due but I also feel death is beautiful too. It signifies the end of a chapter or may be a new beginning, no one really knows but everyone mourns, where instead the person should be celebrated (in my head) because life lives on in the memories and in the lives you've touched. So in this episode death is celebrated first and mourning is apart of the celebration but its not the only factor.
mother | episode 1 | "pilot"simsterialSeries - New
Drama, Fantasy/SupernaturalA young girl Nevayah leaves everything behind when she embarks on a journey to discover her birth mother, searching for answers and her history.
I GOT MY MOM PREGNANT - Episode 1MaeSims ProductionsSeries - New
Drama, RomanceWhen a young man Duncan gets a girl pregnant he has to bring his girlfriend home and when he introduces her to his parents, it is revealed that she is his mother.


For HimDRAUFILMVoice-OverDrama, Fantasy/Supernatural, HorrorAfter the death of his fiancée and unborn child, Troy Gibson returns to the home they once shared, now desolate - six months later, intent on resurrecting them by way of left-hand magic.
Sims 3 - A Life is Strange sceneGreatday SimmerNo Dialogue or Sound FXDrama, Fantasy/SupernaturalWhen Maxine used her power of rewinding time, she thought this is the best choice for her dearest Chloe to get her life back on track, but actually it didn't go as she expected. Will she use her power again for the sake of her friend and Arcadia Bay or just accept reality and leave her friend to her suffering? Watch to find out.
Fatal AttractionMaeSims ProductionsVoice-OverAction, Drama, RomanceThis short film tells a story of a 15 years old Olivia who falls in love but her love for the guy almost costs her, her life.

Music Videos

Angel In DisguisecutscenographMusic Video - "Silent"RomanceA romance themed music video to the song "Angel in Disguise" by dasloe.

Voice Actor Nominations

Voice ActorEntry TitleCharacterDirector
LouvodlyfeExpeditious | Season 1, "Pilot"JovaniRagingkitttyx
BellimellAge of Darkness Chapter 13: AftershockZelda BlackburnBeniXProductions
RarzRevengeMolyntheí | Chapter I: "Brothers in Arms"Wulfric BanesTheWhiteDeer
Shanning ChenFACADE Season 1 Episode 6 - SEASON FINALESienna BlackSilvermoon Productions
E. Alex GardipeDirty Little Secrets: Episode 2 "Forgive Me Father For You Have Sinned"Parker ConwayVeselin Radanov
Anim8edN8 "Nathan Hach"Great Heights Chapter 4 [Great Why Am I Like This?]CharliePenyLn
Lania Kayellmother | episode 1 | "pilot"Madame De Longhisimsterial
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