Why are the Plumbbob Awards based majorly on moderator voting instead of fan voting?

As moderators, we want to acknowledge lesser-known directors. We decided that we will base most of the awards on moderator voting so we can recognize talent that might not usually see the light of day. As a staff, we think this will help balance out potential popularity bias and make results more fair than if the ceremony were based solely on fan voting.

However, we have included fan voting categories so viewers can still support their favorite machinimas and directors!


How does the moderator panel vote on machinima submitted to Plumbbob Awards?

We have rubrics to score machinima based on camera work, dialogue, plot, and more! If you're curious, you can find the official rubrics on our archive page.


Why is there a month's pause between the end of voting and the official Awards Ceremony?

As the Awards Ceremony will be filmed with the Sims 2/3/4 platform, we have allotted a month for the video to be completed. In the Awards Ceremony video, there will be both winner announcements and promotions, so we wanted to give plenty of time to make a clean video for the event.


How can I submit posters or trailers to the Plumbbob Awards?

Please email us at plumbbobawards@gmail.com and label the subject as shown below.

Subject: [Preferred Director Name - Entry Title: Poster/Trailer]

Posters should be 810 x 1200 pixels. PLEASE NOTE that this is slightly different than Sims Film Fest poster dimensions, so you may need to adjust your poster if you are submitting to both events.

We also accept production pictures for our gallery. Please specify production stills in the email if applicable.


Does the Plumbbob Awards have a Discord server?

We do! You can find the invite link here. Please read our rules channel if you join!


Who designed this website?

Allie (TheOnlyException) created the Plumbbob Awards website with the help of Jor'gha HaQ. Miss Faith Productions is the Plumbbob Awards' graphic designer.


Who is the artist for the Plumbbob Awards' logo?

Megueggu created our wonderful icon and logo through a commission! Find their tumblr here.

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