Interview with Star DeLaVega – creator of “Fly Away”

This interview was conducted by moderator BeniXProductions.

Beni: In this interview, I am going to talk to one of the sweetest people in the machinima community, the creator of Fly Away - StarDeLaVega.

Beni: You are currently writing/filming the finale of Fly Away. Are there any details or small spoilers you can tease about it?

🎀 Star: The finale is an emotional train wreck haha! Basically, this is the last straw for all the friends, and Star’s world is just collapsing all around her. The finale may be emotionally triggering though, as it does touch on topics like suicide ideation and death of a loved one. This is a 3-part finale so all that stuff I mentioned is just part 1 😆. The other parts are about the stress of adulthood and being a college student - there’s more characters that you’ll either love or hate, and I’ve reconnected it to the old Fly Away that I had originally created 8 ½ years ago.

Star DeLaVega - Fly Away
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