Interview with Lois Matteoo – Creator of “Corrupted Souls”

This interview was conducted by moderator PenyLn.

Penny: Lois, it’s really an honor to get to sit down with you. I have been a follower of your channel for a long time, so it’s amazing to get this opportunity.

Lois: Hello Penny, I’m surprised that you have been a follower of my channel. I appreciate and thank you for inviting me, it’s an honor for me as well to have a chat with you. I haven’t done this in a while so I’m excited.

Penny: How did you discover machinima?

Lois: Well ever since I was a kid, I was already a big fan of The Sims. Back then, I used to watch Sims 2 Building showcases on YouTube. When I was still exploring Sims 2 related content, I came across a Sims 2 series called Pleasantview by Doons99p and that’s how I learned that you can do this type of stuff in the game because back in the days, I used to play the game on console. After watching a few sims films/series and came across Angelbeam19’s series The Boss, I started to create my own which I still enjoy until now.

Interview with Mykell – creator of “QUEST” & “Dreamcatcher: And there was no one left”

This interview was conducted by moderator BeniXProductions.

Beni: Today, I will be interviewing the brilliant mind behind the Sims 3 Machinima Series, QUEST - Mykell. Let’s get started!

Beni: How did you come up with the idea for QUEST?

Mykell: The idea for QUEST had actually been three years old before I decided to carry it out. I had waited for my new computer and it took me so long. But I finally could make it! Coming back to the question, the main inspiration for me was the terrifying game, “Blue Whale,” which featured a lot of harm that caused the ficitonal teenagers’ deaths. I was also into reading thriller and horror books at that time, so for example, Stephen King was also an inspiration.

Mykell - QUEST
Mykell - Dreamcatcher - And there was no one left

Interview with Star DeLaVega – creator of “Fly Away”

This interview was conducted by moderator BeniXProductions.

Beni: In this interview, I am going to talk to one of the sweetest people in the machinima community, the creator of Fly Away - StarDeLaVega.

Beni: You are currently writing/filming the finale of Fly Away. Are there any details or small spoilers you can tease about it?

🎀 Star: The finale is an emotional train wreck haha! Basically, this is the last straw for all the friends, and Star’s world is just collapsing all around her. The finale may be emotionally triggering though, as it does touch on topics like suicide ideation and death of a loved one. This is a 3-part finale so all that stuff I mentioned is just part 1 😆. The other parts are about the stress of adulthood and being a college student - there’s more characters that you’ll either love or hate, and I’ve reconnected it to the old Fly Away that I had originally created 8 ½ years ago.

Star DeLaVega - Fly Away

Interview with Purpura Sims – creator of “Life Plans”

This interview was conducted by moderator Mitch Xander.

Mitch: Before I get to the questions, I just wanted to say thanks so much for your entry, and we hope you had a great experience with us! We hope you'll join us again for future ceremonies!

Mitch: How did you first discover Sims Machinima?

Purpura Sims (Mal): Ufff I don’t want to extend too much, but I discovered machinima in 2011 with a series in Spanish called "Enterrando la verdad" made with TS3 (Translation: Burying the Truth). At that time, I was still playing TS1 and I didn't know much about the other sagas, but when I saw that I was fascinated - and as I have always liked creating stories, it was like: why not?

Purpura Sims - Life Plans

Interview with April Dark – creator of “Traveller 2”

This interview was conducted by moderator Penny (fazestudio).

Penny: It’s great to be able to have this interview with you April. I am so honored and excited that the Plumbbob panel picked me to ask you some questions about your work. I have never seen a machinima series quite like yours and I am glad you decided to participate in this season. I was blown away by your lighting techniques in your film work and your soundtrack was perfect for each scene. I look forward to seeing more of your work and upcoming projects 🙂

April Dark – Traveller 2

Interview with Star Shuz – creator of “The Eclipse” & BTS Music Videos

This interview was conducted by moderator Penny (fazestudio).

Penny: How was your experience this year with the Plumbbob Awards?

Star Shuz: It was my first time ever hearing about awards and film festivals for sims directors and so initially I thought it was such a great way to celebrate the talent that we have in the community. It was also my first time ever entering something like this. I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the awards. I thought it was a great place to meet directors and watch some new machinima. I also loved the fact that there was a Discord group, where you could go to ask any questions you might have and also chat with other directors. The feedback we received was so incredibly helpful and so detailed. I’ve started to take the constructive feedback on board and started making some improvements. So thank you.

Star Shuz – The Eclipse
Star Shuz – On
Star Shuz – Euphoria
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