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Interview with Mykell – creator of “QUEST” & “Dreamcatcher: And there was no one left”

This interview was conducted by moderator BeniXProductions.

Beni: Today, I will be interviewing the brilliant mind behind the Sims 3 Machinima Series, QUEST - Mykell. Let’s get started!

Beni: How did you come up with the idea for QUEST?

Mykell: The idea for QUEST had actually been three years old before I decided to carry it out. I had waited for my new computer and it took me so long. But I finally could make it! Coming back to the question, the main inspiration for me was the terrifying game, “Blue Whale,” which featured a lot of harm that caused the ficitonal teenagers’ deaths. I was also into reading thriller and horror books at that time, so for example, Stephen King was also an inspiration.

Mykell - QUEST
Mykell - Dreamcatcher - And there was no one left

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