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Interview with Purpura Sims – creator of “Life Plans”

This interview was conducted by moderator Mitch Xander.

Mitch: Before I get to the questions, I just wanted to say thanks so much for your entry, and we hope you had a great experience with us! We hope you'll join us again for future ceremonies!

Mitch: How did you first discover Sims Machinima?

Purpura Sims (Mal): Ufff I don’t want to extend too much, but I discovered machinima in 2011 with a series in Spanish called "Enterrando la verdad" made with TS3 (Translation: Burying the Truth). At that time, I was still playing TS1 and I didn't know much about the other sagas, but when I saw that I was fascinated - and as I have always liked creating stories, it was like: why not?

Purpura Sims - Life Plans

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